About Us

The Center for Aquaculture at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MLML) is centered around the recently-dedicated MLML Aquaculture Facility and involves faculty members and researchers from throughout the CSU, as well as a range of industry and outreach partners. The primary goal of the Center for Aquaculture at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories is to develop novel technologies for enhancing the sustainability and productivity of current aquaculture practices.

In April 2015 we received a grant from the Council on Ocean Affairs, Science, and Technology (COAST) Strategic Investment Program to develop a funding strategy and a research and curricular plan for the Center for Aquaculture. The grant will run from July 2015 to December 2016, includes co-investigators from MLML, San Diego State University and Cal State East Bay and is led by MLML’s Prof. Mike Graham.

The eventual goal is to create a CSU-wide Center for Aquaculture that would integrate faculty interested in aquaculture-related issues (e.g. nutrition, husbandry, parasites/disease, economics, policy, etc.) into a cohesive, multidisciplinary, and collaborative organization.



  • Advance interdisciplinary aquaculture research among CSU campuses
  • Innovate in onshore and land-based system technologies for the aquaculture industry in California
  • Expand research into the use of aquaculture in clean technology applications for a variety of resource recovery settings


  • Develop new curricula and training programs for undergraduate and graduate students in aquaculture science
  • Inform the public and policy makers regarding sustainable aquaculture
  • Train CSU students for jobs in the burgeoning aquaculture industry


  • Inform the evolving standards and regulations for aquaculture
  • Stimulate growth of the aquaculture industry in California, particularly in key areas where it is currently lacking
  • Promote the development of economically and environmentally sustainable food and energy resources

Aquaculture will become a major source of seafood and energy in the future. The MLML Center for Aquaculture is poised to lead the way in developing a rigorous foundation and policy for aquaculture science and in training the workforce and leaders in sustainable aquaculture in California, the United States, and worldwide.